Saturday, September 10, 2016

It's Time to Pick the Apples

We  know the Fall season is soon upon us when the apples are ripening on the trees. Two of our neighbors have generously offered us apples from their trees - all we want to pick. I've made apple sauce, apple bread, and apple crisp. Today is pie day.

I prefer an all butter crust.  My recipe for a two crust pie calls for four Tablespoons of ice water. With an all butter crust, however, three Tablespoons is enough. I add only the amount to the flour and butter mixture for the dough to clump together. Sometimes I use a little vodka or vinegar as part of the liquid for a flaky crust.

The dough is ready to refrigerate while I peel and slice the apples.

With an all butter crust, I have found that it is best to put the pie into a 450 F. degree oven, so the crust can set quickly before all the butter causes it to melt. Once in the hot oven, I cut the temperature to 425 F. degrees. This may also cut the total baking time by a few minutes, so I watch it carefully.


With thanks to our neighbors for the apples, and to Addie for apple-picking.

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